Judgment Day – the NFT Collection

METATRON’s first big project is a collaboration between Tony, international visual artist Marina Berlin and developer WeiZ to release a set of 1,000 generative NFTs that contain songs from Judgment Day, Tony’s original musical, plus stunning artwork styled as an oracle card deck. The deck provides collectors with a divinatory lens into the past, present, and the challenging times ahead, based on the musical’s characters, storyline and spiritual themes. Certain holders of Judgment Day NFTs will also receive premium utility in the form of downloads of the complete digital album, vinyl editions, physical merchandise, theater tickets and access to live workshops.

The first drop of the collection is MINTING NOW!

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Cradle to Grave

Cradle to Grave is a song Tony wrote about mass shootings and reproductive oppression – America’s twin obsessions. He wrote it in 2022 and finally recorded after several months; Tony released it as his genesis NFT, in collaboration with Marina Berlin, on Manifold on the first anniversary of the Uvalde mass shooting. The collection quickly sold out.

For more information, see Tony’s blog post about the project.