Double Eye and Metatron Announce Strategic Partnership

Award-winning XR Studio and New Metaverse Content Company to Co-Produce the First-Of-Its-Kind Musical Experience on the Blockchain

New York City, September 13, 2023 – Double Eye Studios, an award-winning XR studio connecting audiences around the globe by creating emerging narratives for emerging technologies and building transformative storyworlds, today announced a strategic partnership with Metatron Studio, a newly-formed content company creating experiences and products focused on web3, AI, and the metaverse. 

Together, they will develop the live production of “Judgment Day,” an original rock musical created by Metatron founder Tony Parisi. “Judgment Day” is a love story set against a backdrop of geopolitical turmoil and the possible end of the world. 

“Judgment Day” is the first musical theater NFT collection, containing songs from the concept album and an oracle card deck designed by international artist Marina Berlin. The limited set of 1,000 collectibles will unlock benefits like the digital album, vinyl, merchandise, theater tickets and live workshop access throughout development. NFT holders will receive album downloads, merchandise, tickets, and access to live workshops during the development phase.

The partnership aims to pioneer new methods of developing live theater using Web3, spatial computing, virtual production and AI. Double Eye will collaborate on innovations to turn “Judgment Day” into a new kind of live show. A portion of the proceeds from the NFT sales will go to the early development of the stage production, which will include live performance, virtual/augmented reality, and online community engagement.

“We are excited to work with Double Eye Studios to create novel experiences for this big story and pioneer new fundraising methods for live theater,” said Metatron founder and “Judgment Day” creator Tony Parisi. “The future of storytelling is interactive and collaborative. This is an epic tale set to music, intended to be experienced as an album, on live stages, and online. We are blessed to have an opportunity to work with Double Eye to break new ground on creating, financing and producing live entertainment.”

“’Judgment Day’ is an epic tale. The music, the scale of the score and the deep allegories are massive. In this production we aim to evolve live entertainment for a new era, creating an immersive experience that engages the audience. This is precisely the kind of theater that is needed to capture new audiences,” shared Kiira Benzing, founder and executive Creative Director of Double Eye Studios.

Double Eye will bring their immersive and experiential theater expertise to reimagine what a live theatrical show can be. Metatron’s groundbreaking NFT campaign will provide the funding to push the boundaries of live performance. This partnership represents an exciting opportunity to elevate the art form collectively. Double Eye and Metatron start pre-production in September 2023.

About “Judgment Day”

“Judgment Day” is an original rock musical about the end of the world. A love story told against a backdrop of geopolitical turmoil and constant crisis, Judgment Day explores timeless themes of faith and reason, love and loss, and the possible end of everything – and ultimately lets the audience draw its own conclusions about a cosmic tale whose end has yet to be written. 

For more information, visit the website at https://judgmentdaymusical.com/ and listen now on Apple Music and Spotify.

About Double Eye Studios

Founded in 2009 by Kiira Benzing, Double Eye Studios is an award-winning XR studio that creates emerging narratives for emerging technologies and builds transformative storyworlds. We have pioneered Live Immersive Virtual Entertainment (LIVE) connecting audiences around the globe. Our award-winning team has designed experiences that have appeared at Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, Lincoln Center, Venice FIlm Festival and Disneyland. Some of our technology partners past and present include: Meta, HP, Intel Studios, Depthkit and High Fidelity. Select Productions & Awards: Finding Pandora X (Best VR Immersive User Experience, Venice Film Festival 2020, SXSW Audience Award 2021), Skits & Giggles (Raindance 2023) , Loveseat (Venice 2019) Runnin’ (Sundance 2019, SXSW Jury Award for Best Interactive), and Cardboard City (Samsung Gear Indie Winner).  https://www.doubleeye.co/

About Metatron Studio

Metatron Studio is a new content creation company focused on innovation in entertainment via original projects in the metaverse, founded by Metaverse technology pioneer and independent music artist Tony Parisi. https://www.metatron.studio/

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